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Space-based Earth Observation for Economical and Societal Benefits

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Satellite-based Earth Observation is a procedure where required information related to Earth’s specific issue is collected using remote sensing. This data is used for numerous applications that later influence our daily lives. The satellite earth observation industry is flourishing day by day because of its countless applications and huge demand. It is more important to … Read More →

The Impact of Navigational Technology on Business and the Human Way of Life

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The applications of navigational technologies are rapidly increasing across all sectors. It directly influences our daily life and economic growth in multiple ways. It has truly transformed our living style, and with ongoing innovations in navigational technology, it will keep improving our living standards and business operations. It increases productivity, reduces and avoids costs; saves … Read More →

Top 5 NASA Qualities That Will Make You Efficacious in Life

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For being a part of the NASA community, there are some qualities that you are required to have. Though people have different interests, passions, and accomplishments, some characteristics are a must for positively influencing your life. You can enhance the quality of your life by changing your behavior and the way you think. Being successful … Read More →

The Benefits of Explainable Artificial Intelligence

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Technology is moving at an exponential rate. The speed that things like Artificial Intelligence are beginning to exhibit might be mildly disconcerting for some people. It is getting to the point where science and technology are seeing near-overnight advancements in their fields that are bringing about new and unexpected possibilities. This is all very exciting … Read More →