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Thermal Management for Lunar Missions

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Advanced technologies are sought for thermal management of Earth-orbiting spacecraft, the human lunar habitat, landers, and rovers, for Martian transit spacecraft, as well as planetary expeditions to Jupiter, Venus, and their moons. Future spacecraft will require more sophisticated thermal control systems that can dissipate or reject greater heat loads at higher input heat fluxes while … Read More →

Robotic Swarm Intelligence for Lunar Exploration

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Deep space presents numerous hazards and harsh conditions for remote exploration missions, which must often operate autonomously without intervention from Earth. To increase the survivability of remote missions, space agencies are exploiting principles and techniques that can help such systems become more resilient through self-management and automatic adaptation. By adhering to the principles of autonomic … Read More →

Cosmic ray flux illustration. Credit: NASA

Understanding Radiation for Future Lunar Missions

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The Moon is the next stepping stone for human space exploration, and several nations have announced plans for its exploration by humans. Space radiation exposure is one of the major risks for astronauts’ health as chronic exposure to galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) may have late health effects such as induction of cataract, cancer, or degenerative … Read More →

AI Onboard: Intelligent Algorithms in Space

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Storing and analyzing data in the cloud is still exciting and powerful because of features like cost-saving, loss prevention, and security; but when it comes to applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) where a delay can result in a risky situation, cloud computation is woefully incompetent. Real-time applications like environmental … Read More →

Cybersecurity for Space Assets: Focusing on SmallSats and CubeSats

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The United States Space Development Agency’s director Derek Tournear, recently said that he does not consider missiles as the biggest threat to the satellites, instead, the cybersecurity and intrusion attacks are more dangerous in today’s scenario. Although satellites are physically far away, throwing them into space and having a global, always-on connection means they should … Read More →