SK Venture Partners

Guiding the Commercial Space Age Development and Partnerships

The SK Venture Partners (SKVP) syndicate is accessed through AngelList, a platform that gives investors access to American, Canadian & European early-stage space companies.

I am especially interested in creating partnerships and bringing together new communities that can produce value. In particular, I hope to bring the space and non-space sector industries closer together for new opportunities. My area of expertise and also many of my connections involve innovative technologies from the public and private sectors.

In short, I am a disciplined investor and advisor who asks a lot of questions and does a ton of research. Collectively, we invest in companies that meet these criteria:

  1. Generating, adopting, or integrating innovation with consistent growth
  2. Great founding teams
  3. Proprietary or highly differentiated
  4. Enormous potential for growth or growing the pie and showing what is possible
  5. Minimum post-close runway of 12 months

My syndicate invests in high-growth, early-stage tech companies led by incredible founders. Collectively we do everything we can to help our investments achieve success. The syndicate functions as an adviser and a network builder, as I collaborate frequently with rising and established startups, investors, and public organizations. Today, there is a lot of access to new, exciting opportunities and connections that can be mutually beneficial and that integrate space tech into a variety of non-space businesses or bring many organizations into this sector.

Read my article on Lunar Economy: Emerging Business Opportunities in Space​.

Please reach out to me at ventures at sylvesterkaczmarek dot com with any additional questions.​


  • I leverage my expansive network in the space sector, venture tech, top-tier VCs, institutional investors, and public organizations to gain access to highly selective deal flow.
  • I take care of everything from due diligence to terms negotiation, vetting our highly-selective deal flow. My model is open and flexible – investors choose exactly which start-up they want to back.
  • My selective deal flow combined with intense due diligence and selective vetting provides us with a portfolio of many promising, high-growth start-ups.
  • The syndicate allows investors to invest with SKVP for as little as $1,000.

For more information, please visit our website.