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Machine Learning in Music Composition

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The accomplishments by using machine learning in the field of computer vision and speech recognition have enforced scientists and researchers to exploit these techniques in music information. Music analysis, discovery, and recommendations are the key areas that need to be further investigated. The digital audio signals, processing, and modeling of an efficient machine learning system … Read More →

How Deep Learning Analyze our Speech more Precisely

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The main goal of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is to enable machines to better communicate with humans. In human society, the most natural form of communication is speech. Speech-enabled devices, especially smartphones, are commonly used in our daily life. Renowned organizations use automated voice messages to answer common queries. Customers are no more required to press … Read More →

Under-utilized App Marketing Strategies

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There are many ways to market your app to attract download, but there are only two options to choose from either paid downloads and organic downloads. From research, organic download still showed better results concerning and retention. Sometimes paid ads are misleading, and people do not like ads nowadays. This release does not mean that … Read More →

Issues in Cybersecurity and Change Management

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It is true that DevOps and emerging technologies are enabling business opportunities and at the same time demanding fast and frequent change to take advantage of them. Some capabilities are thus required by organizations to facilitate change management for them to enjoy the value that comes with DevOps. It is realized that the implementation of … Read More →

Challenges Facing Marketing Managers

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Marketing managers like other managers face a lot of challenges in their daily job responsibilities. Marketing managers are required to assess consumers, anticipate the market, and analyze other factors that influence marketing such as political, environmental, and economic changes. Due to advancement in technology and rapid globalization that has taken place, the marketing spectrum has … Read More →