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Positioning on the Moon without Global Positioning System (GPS)

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Lunar or planetary exploration rovers have and will continue to have the function of travel across areas in unknown environments within limited mission periods. Planetary and lunar surface generally consists of flat ground, sand, and scattered rocks. The localization of lunar rovers and robots is essential for carrying out important scientific functions and data gathering … Read More →

Illustration of the LunaNet architecture concept. Credit: NASA/Reese Patillo

Engineering the M2M wireless communication system on the Moon

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Lunar exploration has important strategic significance, the current major international space power and organizations will take the Moon exploration as a starting point for deep space exploration. Many have already launched a series of lunar activities. In planning for future human exploration activities in a lunar environment, the wireless communications infrastructure used will be of … Read More →

Importance of Space in Fusion

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The world will face a severe energy shortage in the future because of the high demand to support billions of people and the shortage of fossil fuels. Renewable resources like wind and solar energy are volatile and weather dependent. To meet the increasing demand, alternative sources of clean, low-cost energy are required. This is a … Read More →