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How Can the ESA ARTES Programme Support a Non-space Business?

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The European Space Agency (ESA) is one of the leading space agencies in the world and a beacon of international cooperation. However, beyond the work it does specifically in the space sector, it also offers financial support to the development of services and products through the ARTES programme. ARTES stands for Advanced Research in Telecommunications …

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Robotics Innovation for Radioactive Waste Administration

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Radioactive waste management alludes to the sheltered treatment, stockpiling, and removal of fluid, strong, and gas release from atomic industry activities with the objective of ensuring individuals and the climate. Advanced mechanics innovation impacts each part of work and home. It can emphatically change lives and work rehearses, raise productivity and security levels, and give …

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The Benefits of Explainable Artificial Intelligence

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Technology is moving at an exponential rate. The speed that things like Artificial Intelligence are beginning to exhibit might be mildly disconcerting for some people. It is getting to the point where science and technology are seeing near-overnight advancements in their fields that are bringing about new and unexpected possibilities. This is all very exciting …

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