Why Increasing Global Issues Awareness is Important

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Our society is transforming rapidly, and in this growing and changing era, there is an urgent need to include global awareness issues in formal and informal training. The modern generation is facing many issues related to social diversity and this requires them to focus more on understanding the cross cultures. Samuel J. Kirkwood, a well-known behavioral scientist, states that modern students need to get a global education since they are going to experience a new world order. Social global awareness is conceptual learning that helps an individual to gain pertinent knowledge about cultural, political, ethical, economic, social, and environmental issues revolving around the world.

Failure in Education Leads to Horrible Consequences

The modern young generation will move and work in diverse social settings. Enhancing the sense of responsibility through education among the modern generation is vitally important in this era. Without this, society will be dismembered because of the differences in opinion, priorities, and social structures. The ultimate victims will be none other than the youth in terms of depression, discontentment, and self-centeredness.

When You Understand, You Are More Likely to Take Action

Benjamin Franklin is right to remark, “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand.” The degree of understanding is directly linked to the method that has been adopted to teach. According to the real-time benchmark practices, the best training technique is a simulation. A study conducted by the social scientists of Harvard University reveals that 77% of respondents behaved the same in the real environment as they were trained in the simulation. In the current scenario, we also need to involve the millennial generation in social training practically.

Can Technology Help Increasing the Understanding, Thus Create Empathy?

The good or bad, it is up to the usage of the technology. There are societies that prefer using these technologies in a better way to communicate and reduce social differences. We have to generate real-time simulations in a very interesting way so that the target audience must not take it as a burden. According to ESA (Entertainment Software Association) report from 2015, 86% of the young adults in specific clusters of the world (aged 18 or more) spend 30 minutes or more a day playing video games.

Usually, we play games just for the sake of fun and entertainment. Yet, the games can perform the job of increasing awareness very well, especially for the unripe minds, and learn good behaviors. Motion Stride, a recently formed company with its product, is bringing a pertinent example amongst such games. The game offers inspiration and curiosity for the player that he/she immediately gets engaged in animal rescue cases. Features of this game are incredible with respect to the welfare of society. This is a dual-purpose game entailing the ultimate entertainment in leisure, as well as personal training about keeping the pets in a sympathetic way. It not only enhances empathetic behavior towards the adoption of pets, but it also teaches ways to treat and heal dogs, consequences of mistreating dogs, challenges associated with maintaining resource flow, management of volunteers who keep the dogs happy and healthy, and of course seeks to have the dogs adopted by the best and most fitting people. Through this comprehensive simulation, players will be able to experience the arrangement of real-time necessities that he/she may have to organize in terms of shelter and food.

Through Awareness Leading to Action, We Make the World a Better Place

The world is getting interconnected inclusively, and in this era, the youngsters have to learn about engaging themselves in a course of actions that might offer empathy to animals and people belonging to different nations, cultures, races, and religions. Technology can play a significant role in order to achieve the goal. This would help us to make this world a better place for a diverse and globalized society. The implication of technology towards positivity is a great idea to move towards a collectivist society.