Under-utilized App Marketing Strategies

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There are many ways to market your app to attract download, but there are only two options to choose from either paid downloads and organic downloads. From research, organic download still showed better results concerning and retention. Sometimes paid ads are misleading, and people do not like ads nowadays. This release does not mean that paid ads are bad, but organic downloads are much better.

App Marketing begins the day you put your idea of a mobile app in production. But not everyone has the budget for marketing. Contrary to popular belief, the most efficient marketing strategies require no cost at all.

To make your app stand out from the crowd and get popular downloads is a problem for every app marketer. With millions of applications on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and other platforms, standing in an endless sea of available applications, it is becoming increasingly difficult.

Make Your App Discoverable Everywhere by Search Ads

Search ads are among the most effective advertising formats that attract users to download apps: 50% of users who downloaded an app said in a survey that they were invited to do so by a search ad. Search ads will not only increase the visibility of any application; it will also lead to app downloads at the exact moment a consumer is seeking that app.

Here are a few points to make your app perform well in search ads.

  • Add Keywords in the App Title

The app title is considered when you want to rank high on search engines and search ads. So make sure your most important keywords appear in the title. However, it must remain readable and clear.

  • Avoid Long App Descriptions

Most app users do not always read long descriptions of applications. Now, they want to know what your application is all about. So make sure you start with something to get their attention and then try to explain your app in a simple and preferably short way and focus on the most relevant keywords.

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is effective both before and after the app launch. However, during the pre-launch, you can use email marketing to build curiosity, enthusiasm, and remind people about the related offers. Offer coupons or lottery programs to attract potential customers for the launch event.

Observe Reviews

User Ratings and Comments are paramount for the performance of applications. If there is a bad review of your app, you should fix the error as quickly as possible. Positive reviews should be highlighted and mentioned on social media accounts. This is one of the best under-utilized app marketing strategies that work well for every app.


Make video clips to view the app features, make the video in a creative way. This would be the best of all possible scenarios: an interesting video that wins the hearts of users and receives millions of views and actions.

Apply App Localization Strategy

This is vital, but it is not very common. If you target more than one country in the world, be sure to get along with people from different countries or local areas to visit and the application as this will help decrease the bounce rate.

Get Your App in iOS and Android App Stores Appropriately

This gives more room for the apps to be seen by users who need it. It also facilitates information on the application and functionality updates later.