Sylvester Kaczmarek

Leading Science into Action
with Engineering

TL;DR: Innovating at the Intersection of AI, Robotics, Cybersecurity, and Computing for Space Exploration

My general fields are advanced artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems, cybersecurity, and novel edge & high-performance computing, although I specialize in architecting and leading the development of secure by design and interpretable hybrid and heterogeneous AI/ML systems with a centralized AI core and distributed edge AI, incorporating local onboard processing and decentralized node intelligence, for space-based robotic intelligence systems and cislunar mobility leveraging benefits of both traditional ML methods and neuroscience concepts, in an effort to advance OS's robotic intelligence program.

Driving questions like 'When does consciousness emerge from AI's perceptual abilities?' capture my pursuit in secure AI, robotics, and space, where advanced computation and cognition are constantly being explored and evolving.

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