Product / Market Fit

A beautifully effective and tested online course. Authored by a successful practitioner who learned from real work experience, mistakes, and experiments.


Who should do it?

- For individuals who want to boost their effectiveness in startups, products.

- This course is designed for startup founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and business strategists. 

- Anyone looking for hands-on tools to apply to their business model. IT professionals and managers who want to understand and learn Product / Market Fit.

What do you get out of it?

- You will learn about how to find product-market fit and how to measure it.

  1. Understand your customers' current needs and foresee future ones.
  2. Focus on one significant value proposition.
  3. Build credibility.

- This Course provides knowledge and training Online to be a complete Product / Market Fit professional by learning Product / Market Fit online.

- You will learn how to quickly determine product-market fit.

- This course contains over 12 lectures & 1.5 hours of content, at the end of the course, you would take a test, and become a complete Product / Market Fit Professional.


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"Helps every time! This course has helped with every approach of P/M Fit I’ve ever tried. Very reliable." - The Cherie Blair Foundation's Entrepreneur

"Simple, yet powerful. Amazing piece of knowledge and experience, does exactly what expected and even more." - VC4A's Startup


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