Winning the War for Digital Talent

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In the war of digital talent, a report made by Capgemini shows that 90% of companies lack digital skills. This statistic alone should inspire the most jaded organization into action. However, many people do not pay attention to the warning signs: only 46% of companies invest in digital talent, and about 4% of enterprises have adapted their training efforts with their digital strategy. This trend is surprising and disturbing, especially if you have critical skills to succeed in the new digital economy.

What Do the Best Tech and Digital-centric Companies Do to Attract Top Talent?

Recent college graduates seem to be better prepared to enter the labor market that we have seen over the past few years. However, many employers do not take appropriate measures to attract or hang after they make the measurements. The best tech and digital-centric companies use some techniques to attract top talents to their business, and they are:

Employee Value Proposition

Employee rewards attract the best talents. Digital-centric companies take a look at their competitors to offer and include it as part of their company brand. They also consider pension programs and health benefits. Top talents discuss retirement plans and health benefits in the context of the overall work packages. In addition to attracting top talents, this should also help any company to retain staff, as well.

Updating Their Equipment Regularly

Having the new and latest technology equipment in most of these best tech companies create a fresh and modern environment for workers of all age’s especially new talents.

Equipment like cloud computing which allows people to store data in a secure enterprise server, hosted on the Internet attracts the best talents to their company as well as other latest equipment such as; multifunction printers, 3D printers, video walls, touch whiteboards. This new technology improves creativity and helps employees to work faster and smarter. International tech companies or small start-ups use this idea to attract new and talented people to its workforce.

What Normal Companies Need to Do to Retain Talent?

Almost every business these days have a program designed to keep their rising stars. These top talents make a positive impact on business results.

Developing Talent, for Now, and Later

New graduates in the labor market, not just want the opportunity to learn and grow, they expect them. 77% of respondents from Capgemini’s survey said their employers should provide training for the first job. This means that younger employees cannot be blamed entirely to jump from one position to another, after a very short time. It also means that the company, a little can go a long way. As a company, if you offer a long-term development opportunity for your employee you can make your business lift above your competitors and help you hang on to the young talents.

Do a Bit of Fun Work Culture

According to a survey that was conducted from the newest graduates from New York in 2015, Sixty percent of the class of 2015, said they would prefer to work in a company with an active social environment and earn lower wages than in a place where it is less pleasant to work and make much money.

Employers that offer junior employees challenging work, and at the same time creating a social culture has a competitive advantage.

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