Unlocking Innovation Through AI Automation

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We live in a world where everything needs to get done yesterday. It is critical that every industry approaches their operations in a way that it can lead to higher levels of productivity. The technology is already here. AI, the abbreviation for artificial intelligence, has made it possible for machine learning to happen. This can help to push the envelope further.

The technological advancements are found everywhere: Siri, Cortana, Alexa. All of these are examples of AI automation. Rather than taking two or three steps to complete a task, we can speak it to one of these and they will do it for us. It is a single step. This is where innovation has led us. Our machines can think, analyze, and learn.

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The Need for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence was designed to make our lives easier. It is critical that we take an active part in their development to ensure that they are truly assisting us. They don’t have to control us. We can still control the machines based upon how we use them. They are not designed to replace humans in all aspects.

Consider this. The machines are only as good as the programming that goes into them. The data they analyze and the decisions they make are all based on programming. If we set the machines to work that do the mundane analysis that someone would otherwise have to do manually, that is saving a company money on labor. It is also allowing that person to be more innovative. They can use their higher level of intelligence to think outside the box.

That person can be responsible for how the machines think and what knowledge and datasets the machines have access to.

XAI and What It Offers

XAI is explainable artificial intelligence. It is a movement that helps humans to understand that AI and the automation behind it are here to help. XAI provides a detailed understanding of algorithms. This ensures that the machines are going to let us down. They can be developed to provide more automation and innovation through the different algorithms that are created. It’s all in our control.

This means that humans need to have a deeper understanding of what an algorithm is, how it works, the layers of networking, the functionality, and how AI machines will use the algorithms.

There is a significant amount of risk management that needs to happen. If more people take an active part in the development, it will mitigate the risks of AI machines becoming smarter than humans.

More businesses are using AI that will make their lives easier. This includes being innovative in the way that AI works for them instead of against them. Such opportunities include:

  • Personal assistants
  • Real-time translations
  • Data analysis
  • Dashboards with up-to-the-minute information
  • Home/business automation

All of these will make it easier to offer new and unique services within the marketplace. We want everything now. We don’t want to wait. This puts a significant burden on humans as a whole. Those within the workplace are often tasked with dozens of things to do throughout the day. It becomes a juggling game to see what is going to get done and what is going to fall. With AI, it will drive innovation because there is suddenly assistance. It allows people to get the help where they need it. There is the ability to feed the “I need it now” mentality without falling behind or stressing.

Productivity increases because of using AI automation properly. This is the key aspect. It has to be used properly. This means that those who plan on using AI need to understand how it works and how to control it.

AI is Happening in Every Industry

Universities have recently been exploring the benefits of AI within the landscape of higher education. It will allow students to learn more about the competencies and limitations of AI. Further, there is a focus on how AI automation can unlock more innovation and ensure that there is a happy balance between machine learning and the human element.

Automation has the ability to unlock innovation across virtually every industry. Humans can still be a big part of the picture. However, the role of machine learning and human employees will evolve. There is not going to be a major robot takeover as some fear. AI automation can handle an array of processes. It can allow humans to focus on other aspects of operations, such as research and development. It frees up the humans to be more creative and continue driving innovation forward.

When people really understand and embrace innovation and automation, it’s a reason to get excited. It can be revolutionary if we allow it. Further, it doesn’t have to be a disruptive technology. It can be assisted technology if we as humans learn how to harness the power properly.

Key Takeaways

  • Machines can be programmed by humans to provide assistance where we need it the most.
  • Automating an array of tasks that take a lot of time for humans to do manually can allow more time for humans to do what only humans can do: be creative and continue to become more innovative.
  • There needs to be a complete understanding as to how the algorithms work that drive AI.
  • AI can be used in every industry, and more startups are embracing AI because they know it is the key to improving productivity and keeping consumers happy.