The Importance of an Integrated Social Business Strategy

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The growth and development of various internet and web-related technologies have benefited online established firms in a great way. Social media has proved to be a great platform for beginners as well as the established firms. If the statistics are to be believed, the percentage of the total companies who have impressively marked their presence on social media is from 87% to 98%. So, if your company does not make effective use of social websites like Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, your company might become a part of the masses and not the classes. Whereas there are very fewer companies who have applied the appropriate rules of social networking throughout their business firm as some of the companies just use these famous sites to form a market layer the aim of which is to conceal the old aged principles related to businesses.

All the discoveries and inventions are done for the human benefit only and it is not bad if we use social media to promote our venture which will help efficiently in the channel for marketing but if we stick to it, we shall surely miss the options and potential for growth and benefit. It is important to make full and beneficial use of the technologies available but before that, we need to identify the main types of social networks which are broadly categorized into 3 main genres. In order to transform your firm into a “true social business”, you need, to sum up, the social media; communities for customers managed by the companies as well as the social network of the employees into a single strand and thus work upon it.

If this seems like a difficult task, let me present the main reasons why it is necessary to have a social business strategy.

A friendly relationship with customers

The advancement in the field of technology has led to the spread of awareness related to the internet and web commerce at a large pace among the common people. Twitter and Facebook are sites that are used by all people and these are the best places if you wish to establish relationships with the customers which are all the more productive and beneficial for your own firm.

Integration between sites and the company CRM system

The customers are aware of the loud response which one gets from social networking sites. If the company uses different variations of the media team as well as the CRM system, nobody would call it a wise and logical thing to do. Both of them should be integrated in order to provide the same speed, quality as well as the services to the customers.

Efficient workforce

If your employees continue to use the age-old traditional methods of executing the company transactions and works, it won’t be fair enough. It is said that the potential value of the social inside the company is double the external value. This means that the blood in the organization should be excellent enough to maximize the results and productivity of the firm in the business market.

Handling social stuff

These established networks work for the betterment of the atmosphere available in the online social environment. Media disasters can happen which can affect the goodwill of the firm in an adverse manner. One needs to be appropriate, regular, and time-bound while working for the online social environment of a company because you can be judged on the basis of the same. You gain experience in the field of communication with your customers by applying it in the correct manner.

Establishing social networks

The network supplier of the company and the associated organizations is the area that is not explored generally. Not all businesses are self-sufficient so the communication and the basis of the establishment of good terms with other companies are necessary. This can be a great benefit to the productivity of the firm.


These are the main reasons for the need for a social business strategy as these are all set to affect the business and its operations in the long run. Every business should surely adopt measures to help it grow with the help of social websites and networking programs.