Prof. Sylvester Kaczmarek

Leading Science into Action
with Technology

TL;DR: Innovating at the Intersection of Edge AI, Robotics, Cybersecurity, and Next-Gen Computing for Space Exploration

My general fields are advanced artificial intelligence, cyber-physical systems, cybersecurity, and novel edge & high-performance computing, although I specialize in architecting and leading the development of secure by design and interpretable hybrid and heterogeneous AI/ML systems with a centralized AI core and distributed edge AI, providing rigorous proof of safety, efficiency, and performance for safety-critical autonomous systems.

I focus on incorporating local onboard processing and decentralized node intelligence, using distributed robust planning algorithms to coordinate multiple autonomous vehicles navigating and operating in dynamic uncertain environments, combined with numerical simulation in state-of-the-art supercomputers.

These efforts are directed towards space-based robotic intelligence systems and cislunar mobility leveraging benefits of both traditional ML methods and neuroscience concepts, in an effort to advance OS's robotic intelligence program.

In parallel to these technical pursuits, my approach is deeply aligned with the principles of machine alignment, focusing on embedding human values like fairness and sustainability into AI. This involves developing systems that are transparent in their reasoning and capable of being controlled effectively, ensuring that they benefit humanity as they evolve.

I emphasize the integration of ethical frameworks and stakeholder engagement in the AI development process to foster systems that are not only fair and sustainable but also robust against ethical dilemmas. Such considerations are vital in advancing our journey toward harmonious coexistence with superintelligent machines.

Driving questions like 'When does consciousness emerge from AI's perceptual abilities?' capture my pursuit in secure AI, robotics, and space, where I am dedicated to exploring and evolving advanced computation and cognition. My research postulates and explores novel paradigms through rigorous interdisciplinary research, collaboration, and application, I strive to harness the intricacies of AI for ethically aligned and beneficial systems that evolve alongside humanity.

These explorations at the frontier of AI and space are just the beginning.

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